What Volunteers Do

“The impact of participating in a Sister-Corps project is tremendous. The experience is life-changing.” Barbara B. 2022

Who can volunteer?

If you are a female over 21 years of age, with reasonably good health, deep desire to help others, and a willingness to learn and to be a part of a team you are welcome to sign up as a volunteer.

Why volunteer?

We realize that not everyone is able to volunteer due to family or job demands, or her own physical limitations. However, if you let us, we can show you many ways to help even with limited skills, stamina, personal finances or time.

The virtually unanimous response from first time volunteers, is they can hardly wait to do the next one. Our returning volunteer rate is very good.

“The thought, the love ,and the kindness will always be remembered and shared… long after you have returned to your homes. “ Cathie, 2019

Here are just some of the benefits:

To be up close to someone who has gone through devastation—to hear their stories- to be a part of helping them back n their feet— it feeds my soul”” Joan J 2022

Giving Back to the Community or humankind and building community with others
Building personal skills-

“Sometimes women say they don’t have any skills. I say, “Not so. I say, you just come on and be willing to learn and we will teach you the rest.” Darlene, 2023

Sisterhood—nothing in the world can compare to the bonds made in sisterhood and forged over a hard job well done!

“I am truly inspired and motivated by women I see doing such important work in Sister-Corps.” Pat 2023

Satisfaction of a job well done
Volunteer at home
  1. Communications
  2. Computer skills and Data entry
Volunteer on site

Types of tasks or skills

  1. Rakes shovels brooms
  2. General debris removal
  3. Heavy saws (Verification of the operator’s skill and safety knowledge required WITH THE PROJECT DIRECTOR AND OR SAFETY DIRECTOR) (Certification required for Chainsaw)
  4. Power tools (verification of the operator’s skill and safety knowledge required)
  5. Dry wall
  6. Flooring
  7. Painting
  8. Cooking- at base Camp
Medical Team for our Base Camp
Propose a project
Sister-Corps relies on suggestions for projects from our own volunteers or from others in places where a need is perceived. In order to see if your idea will fit with our mission and our procedure, a decision tree is provided for your use. If your idea does fit the questions asked, please reach out to our contact number or president@sister-corps.com. No need to have all the details in place we will work on it together.