Donations Matter

One-time donations—the DONATE button found throughout the website provides several options for payment.

Monthly or on-going donations- use the donate button and send message to

Employer Match- many larger employers have a giving program in which they will make a dollar to dollar match – please send message to

Corporate Sponsors- one time or annual—message or

In-kind donations – DIRECT DONATION OF NEW GOODS OR SERVICES by a business or individual . When a business or an individual makes an in-kind donation, —it provided the means for us to make the project budget go further. For example, a donation of 30 sheets of drywall save the budget a significant amount of money.

Note: Those long experienced in working in disaster relief work, adamantly maintain that donations need to be in the form of cash to a reputable non-profit and donations should NOT be in the form of used household goods or clothing. These items, although well intended, create an enormous second crisis in that they must be stored, cleaned, sorted, sized, and somehow distributed in the midst of a chaotic situation with most storage facilities non-existent. Too often, these kind of donations become a huge problem.

Designated Gifts: Designated Gifts: Contributions are occasionally received with a request that donation be used for a specific project or location. These designated donations will be applied to the designated project to the fullest extent of project expenses. Sister-Corps will attempt to spend all designated donations on the specified project or location. On occasion donated designated funds may have a remaining balance due to Sister-Corps receiving in-kind donations. After 1 year from receipt of donation, the remaining designated funds will then be moved to the general account and used for a similar project.

We are a 501 ( C) (3) and you will receive a letter for your donation when made directly to us or through the website. That letter will include our tax id number. Some donations made through third party processors, such as Facebook, come to us anonymously and we do not know whom to thank.

While the answer is likely “Yes” we always s advise you to confer with your tax accountant and the IRS guidelines. Sister-Corps is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Our EIN is 83-4688566. We can provide a receipt unless the donation is anonymous; please keep your receipt as your official record.

Yes, our official address is 1032 E. 7th St Houston, TX 77009

To donate or to get more information, please call 432 559 4447.

Unless otherwise indicated, donations made to Sister-Corps are unrestricted which allows us to apply the funds to the program where they are needed most. A donor may choose to support a specific program. To learn more about our active programs visit

We would be grateful to be the selected recipient of such a special donation and would be pleased to send an appropriate acknowledgement. Just message to make arrangement and provide information.

Yes, the “Donate” button on our website allows for that choice. It will allow you to stop the donations at any time.

Using our donate button on the website, you will have the choice of charge cards, debit cards, or PayPal. We also take donations by check.

While we find it hard to turn down any donation that will provide the means for us to improve the situation for those affected by a disaster, it is better for bookkeeping and for flexibility to spend where needed, this system is discouraged .

YES, we work with suppliers, businesses, wholesales, distributors, and individuals to arrange for the donation of such highly needed items as drywall, drywall tape and mud, nails, hand or power tools, equipment, hygiene and safety items, food, lodging, or other. To be a business or corporate sponsor, contact Gena Curtis, Director of Development at

No. While the intentions are well-founded, the reality is that every disaster leaves people with very different needs. The volunteers attempting to process donations such as these have no sorting and storage space at a reasonable cost. It takes a substantial labor force to handle these kinds of donations.